Trejon Jacob Earns UT Martin Offer

Defending OVC West Champions UT Martin Skyhawks offered Trejon Jacob (Seminole State College) after his 24-point playoff performance Friday night.

Jacob’s 24 points were not enough for the Trojans to exorcise their Connors State (26-6) demons.  For the third time this year Connors State slipped past SSC and Jacob.

Southern Utah offered Jacob back in February.  UT Martin now represents his second D1 offer.

Freshman Season

When Trejon Jacob arrived in Seminole, Oklahoma (just south of You-Never-Heard-Of, OK) he was filled with questions.

  • How am I going play this year?’
  • How am I going to do what I usually do?
  • How am I going to impress the coaches to possibly get a few D1 offers?

Months later the first two were answered with an emphatic, ‘Great.’

This 2016-2017 season, Jacob helped power Seminole State College to a 20-10 (8-8) record.  His teammate PG Leon Sneed (TX), along with Jacob, created offensively.  They routinely finished first and second, in differing orders, as SSC game leaders.

“He is having a strong season,” said father Dylan Jacob.  “He had a strong season.  They lost in conference tournament semifinals.”

Jacob scored 24 points with nine rebounds in the loss.

“He was one of two freshmen to make All-Region and All-Conference teams,” said Mr. Jacob.

Jacob finished the season averaging 13.9 ppg, 4.7 rpg, and over 1.1 spg.

High School

Jacob spent half his high school days in Texas and the other half in North Carolina.

“Trejon went to Dulles High School in Sugar Land Texas for his freshman and sophomore year,” said Mr. Jacob.  “Then he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and went to Millbrook High School.”

Though he attracted D1 attention, Jacob was a late-qualifier.

“He had some interest,” said Mr. Jacob.  “The issue was he was a late-qualifier.  He qualified right at graduation.  He scored much higher on the SAT’s.  He became a qualifier at the end.”

Faced with the possibility of not filling an available scholarship some schools moved on, while others never offered to begin with.

“My guess is that those schools that were in very heated conversations with him, waited too long and they did not make offers at that time,” said Mr. Jacob.

Future Plans

Trejon Jacob is a freshman qualifier, making him extremely appealing to OVC teams like UT Martin.  He has three years of eligibility remaining.

Both Thursday and Friday UT Martin Assistant Coach Jermaine Johnson evaluated Jacob.  Presumably UT Martin extended the offer after Coach Johnson and Head Coach Anthony Stewart consulted about Jacob’s sparkling performances.

This offer will have competition.

“There have certainly been some schools that have come by to watch him in practice,” said Mr. Jacob.  “Oral Roberts.  South Alabama.  He has gotten some communications as recently as yesterday from Campbell and from Tennessee-Chattanooga.  Those are relatively  new conversations.”

Remember that Trejon was modestly recruited as a high school player.  A handful of the schools that initially spotted him are now back entering the picture.

“Presbyterian has called quite a few times,” said Mr. Jacob.  “They were one of one’s that were working hard to get him in, but I guess it was more of an admissions decision at that time.  UNC-Greensboro were interested and they have reached out again.”

According to Trejon himself the following schools are interested: Appalachian State, UT Chattanooga, UNC Greensboro, South Alabama, New Hampshire, Portland State, ORU,  South Carolina State.  And Campbell.

Then there is the possibility of Jacob returning to Seminole State College for a sophomore season.

“Honestly we haven’t made that decision as a family just yet,” said Mr. Jacob.  “When we spoke to Seminole prior to his arrival we did make it clear that the inention was to make it one season and then go Division One.  As of right now he has not decided and take one of the two offers he has.”

Now Jacob hopes to attract more offers. Does he think he did enough to attract the kind of D1 offers he coveted a year ago?

“Of course I think I can do better,” said Jacob.  “Never settle for anything.  The offers that I do have…that came from me playing well.”

UT Martin Assistant Coach Johnson astutely extended after two in-person evaluations.

“He was at the quarterfinal game,” said Jacob.  “He said they had been tracking me for a little bit.  He said, ‘We are going to come to the semifinal game and we are going to watch you one last time.  We are going to see.’  After the game, they offered.”

Jacob knows a little bit about UT Martin.

“No, not a whole lot,” said Jacob.  “I believe, if I saw right, they got to finals of their conference tournament, but they lost.”

There is one last connection between Jacob and the recently-offered Skyhawks.

“A dude from my college last year, he went to UT Martin,” said Jacob.  “Dante Bailey.  He was on Seminole State last year.”

Jacob never met Bailey, but he heard from Seminole State Head Coach Don Tuley that the Skyhawks have a former Trojan in school and on the team.


“We don’t really have a timetable,” said Jacob.  “I have a heavy workload with school.  If me and my parents can get out there, to see the campus with me…The only visits I would take (right now) would be Southern Utah or UT Maritn.”

Those are the only schools he would conceivably visit now.  Of course new offers could shift that entire paradigm and no visits are set just yet.

Without more playoff games, Jacob could elect to join in the increasingly popular junior college showcase circuit.

“He has been selected…given an invite to the JuCo Elite 80 Showcase,” said Mr. Jacob.  “That is this summer.  As of right now we are at least considering participating in that.  He is still open to conversations to schools coming through.”


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