Tennessee Tech-Tennessee State Halftime React

Tennessee Tech fought hard, but Tennessee State skipped into the locker room up 43-33.  A ten point road halftime road lead is impressive, regardless of the circumstances.   For Tennessee State the strength of their team was once against Keron Deshields and Tahjere McCall.

Tech has the activity on the offensive glass that solves a little of the Tennessee State on-ball aggression. Even if the Tech players don’t make their first basket they will get plenty of extra opportunities.  Because the Tech players are bigger in the frontcourt they don’t need high percentage first looks.  They only need 1 good look from the whole trip.  Of course, it requires lots of energy and investment to keep the offensive rebounding up.

Ryan Martin wrangled 3 first half offensive rebounds.

Keron Deshields knocked down 3 three-pointers early, giving Tennessee State a sizable road cushion.  Tahjere McCall’s slashing continued to be problematic for OVC defenders.  Tech Head Coach Steve Payne tried Aleksa Jugovic on McCall.  Considering McCall’s 12 points in 12 minutes it has to be considered a severe miscalculation.

Found Money

Hakeem Rogers gave Tennessee Tech a mid-half boost.  His infusion of scoring is always welcome, especially tonight as Ryan Martin and Torrance Rowe combined for 1-7 out of the gates.    Rogers nailed three triples, all while Tech was struggling to get consistent production.

Rogers gave more energy than at any one point in the season.  His dive for a loose ball would not have happened in November.  For better or worse junior Rogers plays much harder when he is scoring, as evidenced by his Chattanooga game too.

The Wrong Kind of Tech

Tennessee Tech suffered a bizarre, early technical foul.  Martin was complaining a little too long and loudly about a non-call.

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