Racers Offer Elite 2019 Wings

Both Antavion “Dude” Cullum (Tennessee Prep Academy) and Shamar Brown (Tennessee Prep Academy) landed Murray State Racer offers this week.

“I was very excited about it,” said Shamar Brown.  “It was a good feeling picking up a offer from Murray State. They’re one of the best schools in the NCAA.”

Playing with Tennessee Prep this winter will afford him plenty of opportunities for evaluation.  As the Tennessee Prep program grows, so too does the Grind Session.

The Grind Session decided to build a “league” composed of prep teams and enable them to battle each other on a circuit.  Before The Grind Session most of these upstart basketball programs were required to scramble for opponents.  Many still do.

A look at some of the featured Grind Session teams (Aspire Academy, Hillcrest Prep, 22ft Academy, The Rock School, Prolific Prep) indicate how competitive the circuit now is.

When Shamar, Antavion and their numerous college-bound teammates hit the road they will meet plenty of competition.  The benefit beyond simply being forced to compete will be the unending college scouts at their games.


Kansas State dropped by Tennessee Prep’s practice to evaluate.  Murray State was the only offer of the week for Shamar Brown, but it is a meaningful one.

“Coach (Shane) Nichols offered me at practiced,” said Shamar Brown.

Head Coach Matt McMahon has a keen eye for talent and frequently identifies overlooked players in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.  This is not the case this week.

Shamar Brown is certainly a MM+ player.  Antavion Collum is a HM player.  For sure.  Both will be tough for Murray State to snag, but Shamar is slightly more receptive to their advances.

Brown is a 6-foot-6 wing that plays kind of small forward.  He intends to compete as a wing at the next level.  Fortunately, playing with Tennessee Prep he will be able to suit up at his natural position.  Too often plays his height are relegated to the post during high school season and then run the floor with their AAU teams.

Shamar is a wonderful target for the Racers.  They will have stiff competition down the line, as his name explodes.

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