Pedro Bradshaw Talks Belmont, EKU, Morehead State

Class of 2017 wing Pedro Bradshaw‘s basketball recruitment soared starting in April. ┬áBased on where he lives and how talented he is, Bradshaw is garnering powerful interest and offers from around the Ohio Valley Conference. Since we last talked you got a Morehead State offer, I think it was last week.
Pedro Bradshaw: Yeah, a few days ago. Yeah.

OVCHoops: What do you think about Morehead State?
Bradshaw: I am about to leave from my unofficial visit. Coach Mike (Scott) is sitting here talking to Coach (Sean) Woods right now.

OVCHoops: Oh, cool. What did you think of Coach Woods? How do you get along with him?
Bradshaw: I get along with him pretty good. He is a real good dude. He was telling me about their tradition, how they played, and where he came from, and what type of system they run. How I would fit. (He talked about) how everybody is pretty team-oriented and family-oriented. So, it was good. It was good talking with him.

OVCHoops: Related to Belmont, I believe they are trying to get four guys from 2017 class, which means one wing, one point guard, and probably another two bigs. Do you feel like there is any pressure to pick a school earlier rather than later because of the guys they are looking at?
Bradshaw: That is actually a pretty good question because they are needing four. They are getting two bigs and two guards. And they have two bigs already. They are about to get another guard, who they are going to offer who will probably commit. They said, once they do that they would have one spot left obviously and that would be me. It is between me and another guard from Chicago. Really, they want me to commit before I go to the NBA (Top 100) Camp next week. They want me to commit before July starts. You know, that is when everything gets crazy. So they are trying to force my hand to commit and everything, but I am going to take my time. If that last spot gets taken, that will be fine. I will just weigh my other options.

OVCHoops: It is an interesting game, but I think it is best if the player makes the choice they want and not what the coach’s want because you are the one that is going to be dealing with it.
Bradshaw: Right. Exactly. I love Belmont. They are probably my favorite, right next to Long Beach State. But, you know I am going to take my time. Talk things over with my grand-daddy. Depending on how July goes and after the NBA Camp I will probably try to decide before my senior season starts. And if not, like I said I will just take my time, and if the time is right I will know.

OVCHoops: Are there any schools that you have heard from in the last weeks that you never heard from before?
Bradshaw: Western Kentucky. Richmond has contacted me. UCF (Central Florida). Hold on. Missouri State. Northern Kentucky.

OVCHoops: Let’s go with the possibility that you enter July uncommitted, which sounds like your priority. Do you think entering July with offers is a benefit, as opposed to entering July with no offers. Now coaches are definitely aware that you are definitely D1 material?

Bradshaw: Definitely. It definitely helps. Once you get an offer a lot of schools are like, ‘Well, who is this kid? We are going to check him out, as well.’ It kind of creates a buzz. With me getting offers that I have from this spring my name is getting out there a little more. I know I have a lot of coaches that will be watching me next month.

OVCHoops: Will you make any more college visits or camping with any colleges?
Bradshaw: Other than the NBA Top 100 Camp I am going to take a little break before July. No, I won’t be attending any camps other than that or taking any visits.

OVCHoops: Thanks for your time.
Bradshaw: Thanks a lot.

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