Introducing Robert Kendrick

Austin Peay offered a Mississippi kid.  Sup, Sip?

Robert Kendrick (Camden, MS) runs point guard for Velma Jackson High School.

Distinguished from the nearby capital city, Velma Jackson High was named after the Scooby Doo sleuth not the seventh president of this great nation.  It might be difficult to confirm the preceding sentence due to its fictional leanings.

Robert Kendrick thrived with SR1 All-Stars AAU Coach Tamu Green all summer.

“I play point guard,” said Kendrick.  “I also play shooting guard.”

For the Governors, Assistant Coach Jay Bowen predominately handles Kendrick’s recruitment.

Austin Peay offering a 2018 player is not impossibly early.  Many D1 programs have offered juniors.  But they are months ahead of the pack on this one.

Austin Peay was very early with the offer, compared to the nearby college programs.

“It really means a lot,” said Kendrick.  “Their coach talks to me daily.  They always ask how I am doing in school and stuff like that.  They came to see me play this summer.  They came to see me in South Carolina.  They came to see me in Dallas and I believe them came to see me in Vegas.”

Kendrick has interest from Nicholls State and Delta State, but no other offers and he probably will move into September with a similar recruiting rep.  The next bump will be during in-school workouts and evaluations.

“Austin Peay want(s) me to come on an unofficial visit this year and an official visit my senior year, next year,” said Kendrick.

Highlights of Robert Kendrick reveal his size and shooting ability to be ideal.  He hit over 33% from deep as a sophomore, but struggled from the free throw line.  Generally, this is an statistical oddity more than a trend.  Hopefully he irons out that 63%.  They are FREE.

Kendrick is still two years from entering college.  Imagining an Austin Peay team without Josh Robinson, Domas Budrys, and Tre’ Ivory might be tough, but a player like RK would come in as they departed.  Filling the guard rotation out beyond next winter begins with top 2018’s.

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