First Half Trends: EIU-TTU

Anthony Morse smashed a dunk on some unassuming dude’s head.  At halftime Tennessee Tech leads Eastern Illinois 38-35.   It was Morse’s bombastic intro to the OVC season.  The clattering of the rim, his intro music.

The next possession Morse set two screens and then called for the ball. He attacked the tin, and drew a foul. Morse appeared to find his feet midway through the first half. Eastern Illinois did not seem to have an answer defensively. The stronger defenders were too short and the taller defenders were too weak.

Of course, Ryan Martin racked up some interior scoring.  His tremendous footwork is consistently a problem for bigs.  Together Morse and Martin battered the EIU interior defenders.  Help defenders were meaningless.  Morse is too strong and Martin is too crafty with his feet.  He really has great feet in tight spaces.

The Streaky Serbian fluttered home four triples in the opening stanza.  His outside shooting always looks pure, but of course results are literally hit or miss.  Facing Eastern Illinois, and the collapsing help defense, Aleksa Jugovic caught fire.

Eastern Illinois found scoring from eight different players.  The Panthers burst up the floor after each Tennessee Tech miss.  They are a quick team that enjoys the outside shot.  Trae Anderson’s minutes were limited by foul trouble, but both Anderson and Demetrius McReynolds collected three rebounds before the break.

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