Federal Investigation Mentions SIUE Player

Editor’s Note: It is important to note that Yemi Makanjuola is not charged in this lawsuit, but he is more than occasionally referenced within its contents.

Tuesday the Tennesseean reported a lawsuit filed collectively by six former University of Tennessee students against University of Tennessee and The UT Director of the Office of Student Council and Community Standards.

It contends the accused parties contributed to an unsafe campus environment, violating Title IX.  The plaintiffs are seeking both a reform of the entire university review process concerning rape charges involving student-athletes and also for financial restitution from emotional damages.

This federal lawsuit concerns multiple rape allegations (2013-2014).  Two former football players are awaiting trial on two counts each of aggravated rape.

On Feb. 16, 2013, Tennessee Volunteer basketball player Yemi Makanjuola (current SIUE player) was accused of sexual assault by a fellow student.

Jane Doe 1’s account includes gruesome details and can be read in full detail (pages 13-17) here: The Lawsuit.

According to The Tenesseean The University of Tennessee and UT athletic department did not reveal the information, but Makanjuola was dismissed from the program two months later.

“Yemi and I came to a mutual agreement that it would be in his best interest for him to get a fresh start with a new program,” Coach Martin said in 2013.  “Yemi is leaving Tennessee on good terms. He’s respected by his teammates and coaches, we all appreciate the work he’s put in during his time here, and I’m confident that he’ll be successful.”

Charges were dropped by the District Attorney, citing lack of evidence.

Today OVCHoops.com was able to get a few questions in with SIUE Media Relations Contact Joe Pott regarding the story.

Did SIUE Athletic Director and Coach Harris do due diligence when assessing Yemi’s viability as a representative of your university and more specifically the athletic department?

100%.  The review process that was taken by the department went through the highest channels, all the way up to the chancellor at the time.

How has Yemi’s character been since he has joined the campus community?

Nothing but stellar.  He has been an outstanding student-athlete and student.

Has Coach Harris reported any problems with Yemi off the court?


Will this lawsuit, filed against University of Tennessee administrators have any impact on Yemi’s situation with SIUE?


NOTES: Yemi Makanjuola is averaging 7.3 ppg and 5.8 rpg in what must be considered a personally successful basketball season.  It is important to note that Yemi is not charged in this lawsuit, but he is more than occasionally referenced within its contents.

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