EKU Strikes Again

The magical recruiting of Dan “Magic Man” McHale has struck again.

Peyton Broughton committed to Eastern Kentucky University seconds ago.

“The month of July he really had his mind leaning towards there,” said father Mike Broughton.  “After he made the visit to campus two weeks ago, he decided then.  He told me a week and half ago, I guess.”

Sensing another big reputation boost forthcoming Mike suggested he wait.

“I tried to get him to hold up, but he made his mind up,” said Broughton.  “He felt like he wanted to go to a school that has been wanting him and Eastern really, really showed that the last few months.  I can’t remember 2/3 games that they weren’t at, either a representative or Coach McHale.”

EKU fought off some fierce competition for the bouncy two-guard.

Tennessee Tech and Southeast Missouri once offered.  He chopped to a final four of Clemson, UAB, EKU, and UNC-Asheville.

“Clemson offer is still right there,” said Mr. Broughton.  “UAB is right there.  We have been in contact with Butler University.  There was a very good possibility that they would have offered in the next few weeks.  Butler came in at the end of the process.  They have three guard spots opened, but he wants to go to the OVC.  I think Eastern is going to make some people surprised in the next few years with transfers.”

Broughton is not a reach.  In fact, he probably could have gone “bigger” with a little more patience.  But, if you find what you are looking for, why wait?

“He is really excited to choose them,” said Mr. Broughton.

Peyton Broughton is a physically-imposing, multi-faceted athlete that can really thrive in the Ohio Valley Conference.

“I didn’t want to be one of those players that comes into a school, doesn’t play much or contribute much to winning.  At Eastern I feel I can come in and play and contribute to winning.”

The Decision

Peyton was more than ready to make the pick today.

“I took a visit to Eastern probably a week ago,” said Broughton.  “I kind of knew then that was where I wanted to be at.  I called Coach McHale Thursday night to tell him where I was going to play and then I announced it today.”

Coach McHale gleefully accepted the news.

“He was excited,” said Broughton.  “He told me I made his day, his week, his month, his year.”

Broughton is an interesting prospect that really could have waited until spring, possibly landed with an SEC school scrounging around for a late signee.

But, in his mind that would have been grasping at the wrong straw.

“After this July period I had been talking to some bigger schools,” said Broughton.  “It was one of those iffy chances if they were going to call me or offer me.  They (EKU) were recruiting me the hardest of any school.  I felt like I was a priority to them.”

The Colonels are making a habit of bringing in OVC+ quality players.

Pushing and Pushing

“Coach is on that recruiting trail all the time,” said Mr. Broughton.  “I really think Peyton’s freshman and sophomore year they will be really good and then get some people to fill the void after their big man Mayo goes on to bigger and better things.”

The Broughton family knows basketball.  And they are very familiar with the recruiting process, of which Peyton has been a part for almost two years.

Now, it essentially over.

In late October Peyton Broughton will take his one and only official visit.  EKU has elevated their program with yet another impact player.

“We had some official visits set up to other schools,” said Mr. Broughton.  “But he said, ‘my mind is made up.'”

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