EKU lands 2016 shooter

Eastern Kentucky is headed down a new path, a frightening path.  The small OVC school is under new leadership, former Minnesota Assistant Coach Dan McHale.  Yet, their expectations are as high as ever.  Once you get that taste of success it is hard to wash it out.

New boss, same trajectory?

The first player to commit to the cause is Parker Chitty (Indiana). Sunday, the coach’s kid verbally committed to Coach McHale and the new-look EKU Colonels.

Chitty fills a need created when Daniel Norl transferred out.  Though the current squad has plenty of shooting guards, it gets pretty thin in 2016.

Ja’Mill Powell, K.J. Bluford, and Jon Hood are all in their final year of college eligibility.  Once this upcoming season wraps only Javontae Hawkins and Jaylen Babb-Harrison will remain.  Typically all OVC teams play three guards, but Chitty is expected to be a consumate scorer from the off guard spot.

Coach McHale claims he wants to “keep the local kids home.”  How true is that statement?  Is he following through with the appropriate actions?

From the Class of 2016 he has offered Asante Gist (New Jersey), Parker Chitty (Indiana), Rodrick Caldwell (Ohio), Godwin Boahen (Canada), Jax Levitch (Kentucky), and Kieran Hayward (Australia).  Judging by this class alone his statement gets a D+ for truthfulness.  His targets are more regional than local.

The Class of 2017; however, is much more representative of his vision.

The Colonels have offered Kentuckians David “Day Day” Sloan, Peyton Broughton, A.J. Youngman, Tavin Lovan, and Tony Jackson.  This represents 83.3% of their extended offers.

EKU Head Coach McHale is off and running carving out his own legacy at the prideful institution.

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