Dana Ford Media Day Interview

OVC Media Day is the unofficial start of the OVC basketball season.  As usual every head coach was on-site in Nashville, taking questions about their program.   Below are several questions Tennessee State Head Coach Dana Ford answered.

Mike Organ (Tennessean): Would you rather sneak up on people or rather have that target on your back?

If you pick us second every year, I would rather that be the case than 6th on our side.  With all due respect to today, it really doesn’t mean a lot.  I mean, you still have to go out there and fulfill those things.  I would rather be on the top side than the bottom.

Mike Organ (Tennessean): Where did you catch coaches off guard last year?  Where did you surprise teams?

Head Coach Dana Ford: I am not sure.  I think…I think, maybe the impact of Wayne Martin.  Maybe.  He was not highly sought after.  And then again Tahj McCall and Keron DeShields.  Those guys weren’t what you would call All-Conference/impact players at their previous schools.  They were solid for sure, but we really competed as a unit last year.  That helped us.  I really believed our sum was better than our parts.

Mike Organ: Who replaces DeShields?  He has to be the toughest to replace.

Head Coach Dana Ford: He is the toughest one to replace.  Because he is so tough.  The thing that he did is he gave us confidence every game.  No matter who we were playing we believed we were supposed to win.  He believes he is the best player in the world.  You can stack him up against Lebron James.  he is going to compete against Lebron just like he would against anybody else.  You look at a guy like Tahjere McCall and Wayne Martin.  A kid like Darreon Reddick, who has been a two-year starter.  You get Meko back.  I don’t know that we have anybody as tough as he was, but again…if we do it as a unit we should be ok.



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