Colonels Hot on True 2016 Post Presence

Eastern Kentucky narrowly missed the OVC Tournament this season.  While it is probably considered a disappointment internally, the program is young and the talent is largely returning.

The one place the team is not prepared for 2016-2017 is in the post.  Despite the remarkable freshman season from power forward Nick Mayo, the roster is decidedly light on big men.

As hard as finding quality bigs for the OVC is, EKU Assistant Coach Michael Bradley is proving masterful.

By tapping into his northeastern roots, Coach Bradley has once again identified an overlooked post player capable of thriving at the OVC-level.

“Zach (Cameron) has great upside and will make a D1 coach very happy,” said Brewster Academy Head Coach Jason Smith.  “He possesses great athleticism and timing as a shot-blocker.  He has benefited from daily reps playing with his back to the basket.”

Cameron does not have an EKU offer.  Considering the frequency with which he and EKU talk an offer does appear imminent.

“They have been in touch with me a lot lately,” said Cameron.  “I would say the last month or so they have been really involved.  They said they are losing a lot of height and a lot of size this year.  They need guys that could come in and play right away.”

Though he has talked with Head Coach Dan McHale also, Coach Bradley is the point man for Cameron’s recruitment.  Coincidentally, Cameron rooted for former NBA player Bradley growing up a touch.

“I am a huge Sacramento Kings fan and he played for the Kings at one point,” recalls Cameron.  “I have known who he was since I was a little kid.  He told me that a lot of the sets they run are similar to the Kings team back when he played (2005).”

Cameron did grow up in Sacramento, but he moved to Springfield, Missouri early in his high schooling.

At the end of high school (last year), Cameron signed to Missouri State.

“A few things happened behind the scenes and I decided to go my own way,” said Cameron.  “The coach showed me how to go online and get my release.  Originally I had planned on going to prep and staying committed.”

The Visits

Last month Cameron took an official to Texas-San Antonio (January 2nd).

“I have one planned for March 18th to Kennesaw State and then I have talked to EKU about an official (visit),” said Cameron.  “I have talked to a couple of other schools about officials.”

During the text conversations between Coach Bradley and Zach Cameron potential visit dates have been batted back and forth.

“I talked to them about maybe (March) 11th or 13th,” said Cameron.  “It all depends on when my parents would be free.”

Of course, Cameron’s EKU recruitment does not exist in a vacuum.  Several other coaching staffs are actively pounding his phone.  In addition to EKU, Kennesaw State, and UTSA, Cameron maintains active recruitment from San Diego, Milwaukee, Montana State, and Wright State.

At 6-foot-10, 215 pounds, Cameron would instantly be one of the tallest players if he ultimately signed with EKU.  Most teams have a single player over 6-foot-9.  Fewer still have an impact player with Cameron’s size.

EKU has two players signed in the Class of 2016 in Parker Chitty (IN) and Asante Gist (NJ).

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