Charles Manning Discusses Recruitment

Combine Basketball Academy wing Charles Manning (@TheRealCM21is a name that keeps popping up for OVC recruiters.  Tuesday night he talked at length about his recruiting options and the timeline for his college decision.


Best coaches you have played for:  Oooh.  Man, that is kind of hard.  It is either Coach John Buck from Long Island Lutheran or Coach Johnson from Bridgehampton.

What is your basketball dream?: The main goal is to go to the league or even play overseas, which ever one is in God’s plan.

Your dad played too, I read.  How far did he make it with his game?: He went to college.  He went to Virginia Union.

Recruiting Timeline

When do you want to pick your school?:  April 12th  National Signing Day.

What schools are you considering?: Right now I have SeMo (offered), Tennessee State, UT Martin (offered), Radford, and UNC-G.  Right now it is just trying to find out where I can see myself playing.

Have any schools invited you to come visit officially?:

All of them really.  I am still in contact with other schools, but it is basically like I said…just trying to find the best fit for me.  I am playing Unsigned Seniors this summer if I don’t like any of the schools (that he visits).

Have you taken any official visits?: No.

Have you set up any officials yet?


What campuses have you seen as a recruiting guest?:  Radford.

Playing Career

High School years. Where did you play and for how long at each stop?   I went to Riverhead High School 9th/10th.  11th I went to Bridgehampton.  And 12th I went to Long Island Lutheran.

Why did you pick Combine Academy?

I was originally at Quality Education in Winston-Salem, but their basketball program shut down.  I heard it was a good program from people in New York.  Eddie Lau.  New York Panthers.  He knew some of the people that run this.

What improvements have you noticed in your body this season?  Any changes in endurance or strength? Definitely strength.  After every workout we have we go to the weight room for 45-to an hour on explosive lifts, strength lits.  I definitely see myself getting stronger.   It gives me and my team confidence, because we plays JuCo’s.  If you are as strong as the other person, then it all comes down to skill and mental.

Playing for several different teams, you probably have friends across the country at other schools.  Any guys pulling for you to play with them in college?  My friend DeVonte Green is at Indiana right now.

AAU memories?  Not really.

Lebron and Kevin Garnett have talked about AAU basketball ruining the sport of basketball.  What are your thoughts?      I agree.  I agree, because AAU was really for a one-on-one game.  It really doesn’t show if you can play basketball or not.  You normally do workouts during the  season that can show what you can do.



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