Bryce the Believer

The final question of the Murray State/Tennessee Tech postgame press conference was a little playful.

“Bryce, be honest.  Were you surprised when any of Jonathan’s shots went in?”

Honestly, no.  Cuz I have played against him now for two ongoing summers and he been making (laughs) crazy shots like that ever since I met him.  But to see him do that in those kinda moments I just show emotion for him because he is a big time player.

For this team we know what we need from him.  When he makes those shots I am just proud for him.  Cuz you dream of things like that.  You dream about those kind of shots.  For me to be right there with him, being in the gym with him and working out with him, and watch that moment happen…for him it is just a blessing.

Me and him have an understanding that we both good guards and we just feed off each other.  When he got it going tonight I felt like, even though (Stark chuckles) he with the shots…he still had it going.  He had a lot of good looks.  It just didn’t fall. He probably could have 50 if he wanted.  If he made…a lot of shots were short.  I am going to tell him to keep shooting because I know what he is capable of.

So, I am not surprised at all.

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