Belmont Target Considering Ivy League Too

The Belmont Bruins do not cast a wide net, because they have very specific qualities they recruit.

Character, religious conviction, talent, and work ethic all coalesce to make the dream target.  Because the pool of potential Bruins can be winnowed down quickly, excluding non-serious students for example, the Belmont staff goes hard after basketball targets like Hunter Vick.

“Hunter had a great week at adidas Invitational (Indy),” said father Stephen Vick.  “They went 4-1 and lost to a ranked team (Friday), Indiana Hoosiers.”

While July basketball feels like a competitive sport, the real competition occurs on the sidelines, as college coaches jockey for prime real estate in view of their targets.  Belmont was visible to the Vick family as they made their target, Hunter Vick visible for multiple evaluations.

“Half of the OVC watched Hunter play all week,” said Coach Vick.  “Tennessee Tech and Belmont watched all of his games also.  He averaged 20.2 points through those five games.”

Ramping Up

Belmont is not alone in their pursuit.  Austin Peay was in early and Tennessee Tech has hosted the springy scorer.

Vick was evaluated by Belmont in the high school playoffs.  Austin Peay, Tennessee Tech, and UT Martin were all intrigued in 2015 too.  Austin Peay offered in early June.  UT Martin was originally the first D1 offer, but the coaching change left that offer undefined.

This week UT Martin clarified.

“UT Martin has confirmed that their offer is still valid,” said Coach Vick.  All Tennessee-based OVC teams, save Tennessee State, are pushing forward with Vick with Tech’s vociferous admiration the most drastically elevated in the last five days.

“He likes their arena,” said Coach Vick.  “He really likes Coach Steve Payne a lot.”

Tennessee Tech is a strong player and Belmont invested plenty of evaluation time this week too.

Growth of the Ivy

The last two years of hoops recruiting witnessed a change in Ivy-League relevance.  Harvard is attracting top 100 players.  Yale has expanded their bball brand to include better athletes and Cornell, Dartmouth are hunting more broadly-talented hoopers.

“Cornell was at the last couple (games),” said Coach Vick.  “Cornell is very excited about the recruiting of Hunter.”

Minutes ago Coach Vick exclaimed that both Hunter and he intend to make a visit to Ithaca, New York to view his first Ivy suitor in the flesh.

“We are excited about visiting Cornell,” said Coach Vick.  “That is a life-changer, if you are able to play for an Ivy League.  I asked him about.”

Hunter does consider a viable option and the coaches feel the same.

“They said, ‘You are a candidate and he said we hope to make Cornell an option for you guys.'”

Vick’s list of hunters grows.

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